This Is The Perfect Lemonade Song For Every Astrological Sign

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This post was originally published on April 26, 2016.

Unless you’ve been shunning the entire internet since Saturday night, you probably know by now that Beyoncé’s Lemonade is a big, big deal. It’s certainly one of her most personal works to date, with rumors of Jay Z’s infidelity and “Becky” finger-pointing flooding the Twitterverse. But, as we’ve already discussed, this album can apply to regular people’s lives, too, particularly in the way Bey addresses relationship strife and the process of healing.

’s 12 tracks reflect this healing process. It has also occurred to us that the number of songs matches the number of signs in the zodiac. That got us thinking: Could each song have an astrological counterpart? It sounds too good to be true, but after consulting the work of our very own AstroTwins, the outlook seems likely.

Ahead, we’ve matched each track on Lemonade with its corresponding zodiac sign. Yes, even the stars bow to Queen B. We hope we did her work justice — she is a Virgo, after all.

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Your song: "Don’t Hurt Yourself"
At this point, Beyoncé wants Jay to know she’s over it, but she’s not going down without a fight. Enter Aries, a combative sign with ruling planet Mars, which the Romans associated with war. The AstroTwins write that Rams “love to be a hero” and “need lots of attention,” making this song, in which Bey reminds Jay that she’s “just too much for you,” a no-brainer. This is "Ring the Alarm"-era Beyoncé 2.0, and any Aries who’s ever been told to share, or hasn’t gotten their way, can relate.
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Your song: "6 Inch"
This sultry collaboration with The Weeknd was made for sensual Taurus. This song is all about hustling despite your feelings — a tragic, romantic notion that Bulls can totally relate to. They have a tendency to indulge, but can be incredibly focused, “charging headfirst towards a target,” write the AstroTwins. Members of this sign are more than willing to do what it takes to get what they want, because they know they’re “worth every dollar” and “worth every minute,” as Beyoncé puts it.
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Your song: "Hold Up"
Simultaneously the happiest and most manic song on the album, this track shows Beyoncé really embracing her role as a woman scorned and all the conflicting emotions that go with it. As you may know, Geminis tend to be a bit unpredictable in the emotions department, too. This sign is easily overwhelmed, full of energy, and needs to stay moving. Otherwise, Gems can get a little restless — just think about Beyoncé smashing those cars to bits.
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Your song:
"All Night"
Like their symbol, the crab, Cancers have a hard exterior that gives way to a sensitive interior. In this song, Beyoncé acknowledges how nurturing she’s been and how much more love she has to give. The AstroTwins write that Cancers always have “a ready shoulder to cry on” — they’re willing to support their loved ones through just about anything. In that same vein, Bey reminds Jay, “beyond your darkness, I'm your light.” She’s letting him see her softer side again.
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Your song: "Freedom"
This song takes a turn for the political, while keeping Beyoncé and her pain in mind. Leos are known to be demanding, but that comes from a good place — they strive to protect and uplift the people they love, no matter the cost. And when it comes to how Lions view themselves, Bey puts it best: “A winner don’t quit on themselves.”
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Your song:
This track embodies Bey’s very own sign, Virgo, with the thoughtful perspective it takes on all that’s happened between her and Jay thus far. Virgos are known to analyze everything they encounter, meaning they end up looking for “every flaw,” the AstroTwins write. Beyoncé has realized what her relationship with Jay really was — a sandcastle, or something easily torn down. She needs him to know she’s smarter now that she understands that.
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Your song:
"Pray You Catch Me"
The first track of the album goes to none other than Libra — a sign known for its smooth talk. In this song, Bey wants her lover (who we’ve been led to believe is Jay Z) to know she’s onto him, but she does it in the gentlest way possible. She sounds wistful, even ethereal, as she tells him that his infidelity has never been hidden from her. “Lovely Libra knows how to charm, but behind your dimples and sweet personality, you’re a fighter,” the AstroTwins write. As the opening track, this is Beyoncé getting ready for that fight. Sure, she’s sweet now, but just wait.
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Your song: "Sorry"
Despite the song’s title, this is Beyoncé at her least apologetic. She’s cooled down a bit, and now she’s happy to do what she wants, much like the “middle fingers up” sign, Scorpio. This sign loves to be secretive and prefers to send vibes as opposed to clear messages. With that in mind, there’s no better song than "Sorry," which, with its much-discussed “Becky with the good hair” line, basically sounds like a subtweet set to music.
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Your song: "Daddy Lessons"
With its country vibe, this song feels like a departure for Beyoncé, but she still flaunts her trademark strength and honesty here — traits that Sagittarians happen to have in spades. As she looks to the past, Bey sounds rueful, dangerous, and more than willing to take her daddy’s advice (“shoot”). As any good Sag knows, this sign can be similarly dedicated, if not a bit reckless, too.
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Your song: "Forward"
The shortest song on the album belongs to taskmaster Capricorn. “You often see life as an uphill battle, with the ultimate reward arriving only through suffering and sacrifice,” the AstroTwins write. In other words, Caps probably take James Blake’s instructions to Bey, “It's time to listen, it's time to fight,” straight to heart. This song is a call to action, which is the only call Goats know how to answer. This song appears a little more than midway through the album, reflecting how far Bey and Jay still have to go before resolution, and Caps are never through with the hard work they create for themselves.
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Your song: "Formation"
This is the song that reminded everyone Beyoncé is one of a kind, and so it goes to under-the-radar-original Aquarius. “You’re highly individualistic, but also an amazing team player,” the AstroTwins write, adding that Aquarians tend to be extremely hardworking. We’re willing to believe that more than a few Water Bearers have adopted Bey’s “I slay” as their mantra.
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Your song: "Love Drought"
“I’m in my feelings,” Beyoncé sings here — has there ever been a more Pisces-esque statement? This is easily the first time in the album when Beyoncé appears, for the most part, vulnerable, and if there’s one thing that sensitive Pisces loves, it’s vulnerability. Bey’s asking, even pleading with, Jay to work with her to make their relationship right. This sign thrives on harmony, seeking comfort and escape when things get a little too intense. And at their worst moments, Pisces can be a bit clingy, and we see that in the line “you’re my lifeline and you’re trying to kill me.”

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