Did Starbucks Just Kill This Trend?

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Starbucks has officially entered the emoji game. As of today, you can send your friends 28 Starbucks-specific emoji for all of your frappuccino-loving needs. Cake pops, green-tea Frappuccinos, and iced coffee have never looked cuter. The coffee giant's first-ever emoji keyboard for phones is free from the App Store and on Google Play. For iOS, you'll need to follow a few extra steps after downloading the Starbucks keyboard app. Go to Settings, click General, then Keyboard, and choose "Add New Keyboard." Add Starbucks and turn on the "Allow Full Access" button. Then, within an iMessage, press the little Globe icon to send all the Starbucks emojis your heart desires. For most Androids, just go to your phone settings and set the Starbucks keyboard as the default within Keyboards. In case you're concerned about the lack of a red-cup emoji, don't fear — Starbucks has said that it will change the keyboard throughout the year to correspond to different seasonal events. But for now, there's a unicorn #sipface and a dancing frappuccino lady for those moments when an ordinary emoji just won't do.

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