Chrissy Teigen & Baby Luna Take Snapchat Cuteness To The Next Level

Photo: Snapchat
Chrissy Teigen said she and John Legend planned on sharing pics of her daughter on social media. But we're not sure we were prepared for so much cuteness this early on! Babies don't usually reach peak cute until around 3 months old — when they get those fat cheeks, pudgy wrists that look like there are rubber bands around them, and they smile back at you. This is no ordinary baby, though, and it doesn't take much to make the world coo at week-old Luna Simone Stephens in her Snapchat debut.

As the tiny supermodel-and-super-musician offspring slept soundly, skin-to-skin with her mom, Teigen pulled out all the silly stops on the app. She turned into a dog, licking that delicious newborn head. She applied virtual jewels and eyeliner to her face, writing, "I don't remember what makeup feels like." (However, even without the filter, she looks more doe-eyed and gorgeous than any new parent we've ever seen IRL.) Grandma Vilailuck Teigen stepped in to vomit rainbows on all this maternal beauty and do the obligatory face swap with her daughter.

This should seem all like standard stuff, but that's just underestimating Teigen's social media genius.

#nofilter 😁

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