The Awesome Reason This Chrissy Teigen Cover Is Going Viral Months Later

Chrissy Teigen's cover for Women's Health U.K.'s Naked Issue may have gone viral last year, but it's making headlines again. An artist on Imgur drew a fake cover of the Women's Health issue — and it's already gotten nearly 2 million views.
But it's not going viral for Teigen's likeness; instead, the satirical magazine cover calls out all of the industry's unrealistic, and sometimes harmful, messages about beauty, sexuality, and the female body. And people are loving it. Some of the fake headlines are "Didn't Think You Were Fat? You Are," "Even If You Do This Absurd Workout, You Won't Look Like Her Because Photoshop," and "Build a Sand Castle Around His C*ck." Compare that to the original Women's Health U.K.'s September cover featuring Chrissy Teigen, which included headlines like, "The New Ways to Age-Proof Your Face" and "Shrink Your Sugar Belly." Not quite as drastic as the satirical cover lines, but the messaging is there: You need to look better, so do this. One Imgur user was quick to point out that magazines, including Women's Health, are making a concerted effort to be more conscious about the messaging in stories and on their covers. In fact, just last December, the magazine banned the phrase "bikini body" from its covers — a move we were stoked to report. "Actually, Women's Health magazine is an excellent read, and it promotes both physical and mental well-being," the user wrote on Imgur. But most of the comments on Imgur praised the anonymous artist for taking women's magazines to task for their not-so-hidden messaging about body image and sexuality. "I LOVE WHOEVER DREW THIS UP! It's awesome, when I see magazines I feel this is what it's truly trying to say," one user wrote. Another commented, "This sums up every magazine cover ever."

It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach, here.

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