Ilana From Broad City Makes An Important Point About Curls

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When Ilana Glazer first came onto the television scene, she was very much the curly-haired heroine we needed. It's been very rare to see a character on the small screen with her hair in its natural state (Racked's article "Why Everyone On TV Has the Same Hair" sheds light on this subject), much to the disappointment of those whose strands aren't straight — and who don't want to straighten them. Glazer's springboard spirals go along with the overall aura of her character: unapologetic, unfiltered, and very relatable. So it made us sad when we heard that the real-life Glazer wasn't so keen on her now-adored hair growing up. "I was actually made fun of as a kid," the comedian told Allure. "People would make fun of my fluffy, cotton-candy curls, because everyone I grew up with had silk curtains of hair." Anyone with hair that strayed from the "norm" as a child probably has a parallel not-fitting-in story, myself included. Thankfully, Glazer's hair views started to shift once she got into comedy (she now embraces her curls in all of their dopeness). In the Allure interview, she also touched on the typecasting women with curly hair often have to deal with today. "Even now, people think curls represent a joke, like, ‘She’s the wacky one!’ — which I don’t believe is always true, at least not for most people,” she said. "It sucks that a hairstyle can become this universal symbol of who someone might be inside, as if it determines everything about them. But you’ve got to ignore that, find your own strengths, and love those instead." And with that mic-drop statement, let's all let out a resounding...
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