Why Iggy Azalea Took Kesha For A Horseback Ride

Iggy Azalea
and Kesha have each had more than their fair share of challenges lately, between the alleged infidelity of Azalea's fiancé, Nick Young, and Kesha's horrifying legal battle with her former producer, Dr. Luke. That is exactly why Azalea took her friend for a relaxing horseback ride to unwind. (#FriendshipGoals) "Sometimes, I say [horses] really saved my life and gave me my confidence back," Azalea told People while in Miami for the gay pride parade. The Australian rapper first began riding after inadvertently stumbling upon a rescue stable. Now, she's the proud owner of two horses. Kesha "loved it so much afterwards, she asked me so many questions about riding...she was like, 'I think I really might want to get into this, I really like this. It just feels so relaxing,'" Azalea explained to People. "When you're going over jumps or riding a horse, there's nothing else that your brain can think about. You don't have the time to think about those other things — you just have to think about staying on the horse. It helps to be able to mentally have the space where you can go for an hour or two and really switch your brain off." It's something the embattled pop star, who will return to the stage as part of Nashville's Dylan Fest this May, surely needs. Azalea also helps to bring horseback riding to inner-city kids through the program Horses in the Hood. Giddy up!

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