Netflix Just Released A Ridiculously Fun Kimmy Schmidt Feature

Well this is fudging awesome. To help you celebrate today's season 2 premiere of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix is giving you not one, but two free downloadable features. Go to Netflix and click on the show title to see a special "Kimmy-fy" button. Pressing this will change your Netflix screen into a bright and cheery Kimmy Schmidt world. You can easily undo the change by clicking the button again. The second, but more fun, feature is a Google Chrome extension that transforms the internet into a Kimmy-appropriate world. What does that mean? Grown-up bad words and phrases are replaced with happier alternatives. Who needs police when you can have "stranger danger rangers?" And why say, "What the heck?," when you can say, "What in the ham sandwich?" From now on, all badasses should be referred to as "cool donkeys." The world should be full of rainbows, puppies, and smiles, and, thanks to Kimmy, it can be! Or, at the very least, your internet can (thanks to Netflix). Reading the news has never been more enjoyable.

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