We Need To Talk About Maisie Williams’ Nylon Magazine Cover…

Photo: Dani Brubaker for Nylon.
Maisie Williams is Nylon magazine's May cover girl — and the feature, which was made available online this week, is terrific. Williams opens up about coming into her own, abandoning the need to present a "perfect" version of herself to the world, and what she wants out of her career, as well as her life. But while the interview is great, the cover art for the upcoming issue — which hits stands on April 26 — is majorly disappointing. Nylon took a bunch of awesome photos of Williams all glammed up and looking like she was having a great time. But the one that wound up on the front of the mag features the 19-year-old actress in what appears to be a pair of white underpants, staring into the camera lens with her mouth suggestively parted. As the piece puts it, "Arya Stark may be Maisie Williams, but Maisie Williams is not Arya Stark." But Maisie Williams both plays a badass on television and embodies that same sensibility in real life. So why the come hither Lolita pose? Why is this still a way we market women to the masses? To be clear: We're not taking any umbrage with a woman looking (and feeling!) sexy on the front of a magazine. However, there's something troubling about how Williams was made to appear so infantile for this particular pic. More Entertainment Stories:

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