Why Are Iggy Azalea’s Interviews More About Her Love Life Than Her New Music?

Photo: Larry Marano/Rex/Shutterstock.
Pictured: Iggy Azalea earlier this week.
Raise your hand if you know anything about the drama surrounding Iggy Azalea, Nick Young, and the video that caught him admitting that he cheated on his bride-to-be. Now raise your hand if you know anything about the rapper's new album. You'd be forgiven for not knowing much. Since the story of Young's infidelity broke, much of the media attention has focused on Azalea's love life, and not the fact that she's trying to promote a new album, Digital Distortion. As Cosmopolitan notes, yet another interview in which Azalea had to face questions about the state of her relationship has gone down. The "Team" singer sat down with The Bert Show this week, and spent most of the time talking about her wedding plans, which she claimed to still be "figuring out." "I think last year, the year I had has kind of taught me, maybe it's best to just wait until it's a little more past tense before you kinda speak about necessarily how you feel about something," she told the radio hosts. "Because when you're in the heat of the moment, or things are still progressing or coming out and you're getting new information, the way you feel about things can change really quickly. It can go up and down. I'm just kind of figuring it out." She also weighed in on gay rights and plastic surgery, but not so much her music. Of course, it's possible that she's happy to get buzz by focusing on her relationship drama. But wouldn't it be nice if interviewers changed the record, so to speak?

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