Make Your iPhone More Secure With This 2-Minute Trick

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
The latest iPhone update brought you better sleep, personalized morning news updates, and, at last, a way to protect your Notes. iOS 9.3 lets you lock individual notes. So now, you can safely store information such as your bank account number, computer passwords, or even your social security number, without having to worry that if you lose your phone, someone else will get access to that info. To switch this feature on, start by going to your Settings and selecting Notes. Then, enter a password. You can also set up your Notes for Touch ID, so that you can unlock a Note with finger recognition, just like you can with your iPhone home screen. Next, go into the individual Note that you'd like to lock. Click the menu symbol (the box with the arrow pointing upward in the upper right) and tap "Lock Note." After returning to the Note, just tap the padlock symbol, also in the upper right, so that it's shut, not open. If you ever want to unlock a note, follow the same step that you did to lock it: Press the menu symbol and then Unlock Note. The whole process takes about two minutes and is so worth it for the extra security.

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