A Toilet Nightlight Exists & It’s Just As Weird As You Thought

Photo: Firebox.
Illumibowl is a new (and exclusive!) product that poses a solution to a nightmarish problem. Imagine, if you will, this turn of events: You wake up in the middle of the night, unsettled because you forgot to strap on your sleep tracker before going to sleep. You then decide to go to the bathroom because, why not? You stumble and fumble, the glare from your phone blinding your retinas because it's not in Night Shift mode. You finally make it to the toilet, but not before knocking into it (and a half dozen other obstacles) on the way. Enter the Kickstarter-funded Illumibowl Toilet Nightlight. It's a motion-activated night light with an adjustable handle that fits around your toilet seat so that you can "wee like you're a Tron" into a bright-pink bowl. The idea of a toilet bowl night light is hilarious, but Illumibowl makes a compelling point. According to its product listing: "The world is a dark place. Especially your bathroom. So what are your options? You can't turn the light on, that's mental. You'll be instantly and violently awake. You could leave the lights off and try using instinct and porcelain echo feedback to find the center of the toilet, but it's way too messy. You need a third way." What are the benefits of this completely unnecessary, $28 product that comes in nine (count 'em!) colorways? That remains somewhat unclear. After all, if you're trying to avoid turning on the lights, couldn't you just plug a regular, $5 nightlight into your bathroom's wall socket? For $10, you could even grab a motion-sensitive one. And that neon blue looks just as bad for sleep as your iPhone's screen. But hey, who are we to deny someone the opportunity to turn her toilet into some sort of lit-up nightclub?

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