Here’s What It’s Like When Britney Spears Visits Your House For The First Time

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea seem like they would be a match made in heaven. They’re both music superstars with a penchant for crop tops and even collaborated on a song, “Pretty Girls.” But before they could become friends, Britney had to send a team over to surveil Iggy’s house to make sure there wasn’t anything untoward happening. Seriously. “She’s very famous, Britney Spears, and she didn’t know me,” Azalea said. “We had done the collaboration for ‘Pretty Girls,’ but we hadn’t actually met before, so I invited her to my house for lunch and this was her first time coming over. Everybody always thinks I’m this crazy wild child… So she sent her guys to make sure it was all kosher at my house.” While that might seem intense, remember that music industry stars are justifiably paranoid. Remember, for example, this 2014 Rolling Stone profile of Taylor Swift during which she expressed concern that she could be recorded by her speakers. The team, Azalea said, “just came and walked around” and ensured that none of Azalea’s people were “doing anything crazy.” “Man, I thought I was successful but I really haven’t made it,” Azalea said in wonderment of Spears’ power play. The rest of the interview covers Azalea’s relationship with Nick Young, internet trolls, and plastic surgery. But we came here for Spears Team Six conducting covert operations like she’s the President of the United States.

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