Rich Kids Of Instagram Are Getting In Trouble For Their Posts

Photo: Getty Images.
Posting filtered shots of yachts, jewels, and other family riches might seem innocent enough, but some wealthy kids are learning that if you've got it you shouldn't always flaunt it — on social media, at least.

It seems like a no-brainer that your family's fortune ought to stay private (for security and general morality purposes). But according to an article in The Guardian, more and more 1% teens are getting their parents in trouble from their activity on Instagram. Law enforcement officials are scrolling through rich kids' feeds to find photos of assets that will support cases against their parents, from pricey divorces to land disputes. If dad says that he doesn't own that island property it's probably best for you not to post a picture of yourself sunbathing there. Unless you want him to get arrested, that is.

Of course, this isn't the first time people have gotten in trouble for posts on the social media platform. Kim Kardashian endorsed a drug without including risk information, photos of weed don't go over well in places where it still isn't legal, and more than a few people have been fired for insensitive workplace posts.

While the rules around what you can and can't post on social media can seem blurry, common sense still applies. If you think a picture is going to get you in trouble, keep it within your group text. Save Instagram for your tasty brunch shots, pretty sunsets, and concert scenes.

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