7 Products That Will Change The Way You Have Sex

Photographed By Brian Vu.
I didn't use lube until recently. I didn't think I needed to. Vaginal dryness isn't uncommon: One study estimates that 17% of women ages 18 to 50 experience it during sex, with 40-60% experiencing it after menopause. Because friction had never bothered me, though, I never thought to incorporate lube into my sex life. I was missing out. Turns out that applying a pea-sized drop to your clitoris before stimulation makes for an even better time (clits don't self-lubricate), and a good lube can add a lovely, silky-smooth sensation to penetration — even if you feel you get wet enough naturally.
Lube isn't the only liquid with the potential to change your sex life, which is why we're bringing you sumptuous photos of seven products to consider adding to your bedside stash. Whether you're after squeaky-clean toys, a luxe massage, or the comfiest anal you've ever had, we have a little something for you. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite liquid courage (if that's something you're into), and click through to discover your new shopping list.

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