These 30 Chart-Topping Songs From 2006 Will Make You Feel Old AF

In 2006, I was 13 and had a pretty finite number of worries. These concerns included: figuring out how to apply eyeliner without looking like a raccoon, positioning my mouth into smile without showing my bottom braces, and deciding which song I wanted to have play on my MySpace page. That last one was the most worrisome for me. I would spend hours listening to everything from Panic! at the Disco to Chamillionaire to Fergie, trying to pin down how I wanted to express myself that day.
These days, I've moved onto stressing about new eyeliner trends, and trying to keep up with all the new ways to selfie. Since MySpace is pretty irrelevant, that particular weight has thankfully been lifted. But I still think about all the songs I used to obsess over back in the aughts.
Before looking back at this list of 30 chart-toppers from a decade ago, be warned that your jaw might just drop. Yes, Rihanna's "S.O.S." is 10 years old. And yes, Taylor Swift first came onto the scene, via MySpace, in 2006. Time flies, so let's reminisce a bit.
I'm sorry in advance for getting these tunes stuck in your head again. Just be thankful you no longer have a MySpace page.

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