Justin Trudeau, The Perfect Man, Loves Doing Yoga

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Hot Prime Minister, is a bit of a yogi. The Canadian PM has joined Vladimir Putin in the field of “heads of state doing impressive athletic things.” Putin, famously, likes to shirtlessly ride horses. Oh, and we hear this guy Obama likes to hoop it up. Trudeau, in addition to being a scion of progressive politics and a non-insidious example of a lifelong preparer for public office, casually got into a mayurasana, or “peacock pose.”
The image originally appeared in 2013, but has been making the rounds again recently after a yoga teacher’s Facebook post went viral.
Here, we can see that Trudeau is no one-time yogi. He does the tree pose with his wife and a friend while a cameraman looks on.


Posted by One Yoga on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Trudeau also apparently enjoys dancing to bhangra, a form of Indian music, with his Indian-Canadian friends.
He apparently gets it from his father. Here we see Pierre Trudeau, also a Canadian Prime Minister, busting the same pose. The only difference is that he’s doing it in a field. Who cares about the environment now, Justin?
Still, it's important to remember that it's not just a love of yoga and feminism that separates the Trudeaus from other father-son political dynasties like Bushes and the Kims. There's also the willingness to roast Bieber. The American presidential candidates have some catching up to do. We doubt that Bernie has the core strength to pull this off. Trump has definitely heard of yoga, presumably from Ivanka or Melania, but probably thinks it’s for losers. But Hillary could pop onto that table and Eka Hasta Vrksasana (that’s a one-handed tree pose) and it wouldn’t shock us.

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