This Tweet Has Some Convinced Chrissy Teigen Isn’t Really Pregnant

Chrissy Teigen is quite the considerate prankster. She recently decided to give fans a warning that her April Fools' Day surprise will be an impressive one. After all, as she explained in the tweet below, she's been planning it for a while now. However, some fans have begun to suspect she might have been planning the prank for close to nine months.
Twitter users are speculating the star's pregnancy could be her long game April Fools' Day prank. It seems unlikely, though it would earn the title of most elaborate celeb prank ever. Even including what Ashton Kutcher did to poor Justin Timberlake. Other Teigen prank guesses from Twitter include revealing the wrong gender of her baby to be or revealing she is not an expectant mother, but the mother of dragons. We'll just have to wait until Friday to see exactly how she's managed to fool us.

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