This French Fashion Queen Just Designed The Denim Collection Of Our Dreams

Photo: Roger Vivier
It's no secret denim is currently having a moment in fashion. In fact, it's far more than a moment — the utilitarian material has transcended its casual cool status and moved into the high-fashion realm, with everyone from Alexander McQueen and Faustine Steinmetz, to Marques'Almeida and Vetements giving it a totally unexpected, modern-day makeover. This season, we've seen a whole host of denim dresses and jeans reimagined with new proportions and silhouettes — and now, thanks to French celebrity stylist (and our latest fashion muse) Camille Seydoux (yes, she's related to Bond girl, Léa), our prayers for all-denim shoes have been answered. Teaming up with accessories label Roger Vivier, Seydoux's six-piece capsule collection consists of platform sandals, ankle boots, trainers, a shoulder bag, a bucket bag, and a backpack, all of which update the brand's legacy with her modern (but quintessentially French) nonchalant aesthetic. During a pit stop in London, between trips to New York and Tokyo, we caught up with Seydoux to discuss the covetable collaboration, its inspiration, and the allure of Parisian girl style. (And to answer your query: Yes, she's just as sexy, playful, and clever as she looks).

What inspired you to do a collection centered around
patchwork denim?
"I don’t think it was because it’s trendy or because everyone else is doing it. It came pretty naturally to me. Jeans can be so many different kinds of blue, so the principle idea was to play with the different aspects and shades."

Is there a piece from the collaboration that you enjoy wearing the most, or that fits most with your aesthetic?
"Honestly, I love them all. They all serve a different purpose: The booties are very easy to wear for the day, the shoulder bag is more 'ladylike,' while the bucket bag is perfect for a date or the evening because it can hold all your essentials and you can wear it across the body. I love the sandals because I love super-high heels, and these are really comfortable. Actually, there are two pieces that I don’t have yet: the backpack and the sneakers. I really want the backpack for the summer — I love the idea of having it to take to the beach with your book and sunscreen."

So, did you create them for slightly different girls, or does the collection cover different aspects of your personality and wardrobe?
"It’s for every occasion. You can wear the collection from day to night, Monday to Sunday."

How did the collab come about, and what was the creative process like?
"As a stylist, I used Roger Vivier for shoots and events and had pieces in my personal collection. It’s a house I’ve always respected, so I was very honored when they asked me. I was very free to do what I wanted. The collection was based on the Prismick bag that already exists, and when I said denim, they said 'great.' They didn’t say, 'Oh no, it’s not very Roger Vivier.' I think they wanted to do something different."
Photo: Roger Vivier
You were a dresser when you were a student, but how did you transition from advertising and the art world into styling?
"I did plenty of things when I was young — I even wrote a novel. I think I’m a very creative person. I’m not being pretentious, I think it’s the way I am. When you’re young, you try to do different things because you don’t know which field you want to explore. "I’ve always had a strong connection with fashion. My mom used to have a shop and designed clothes, and my stepmom was a model, so I grew up with it. I tried different things, but even when I was in advertising, it was within the fashion sphere. Then the celebrity styling came naturally, because my first client was Léa. I first styled her, and everyone went crazy for her style, so of course, when you do successful things, people come to you and want you to dress them. It was a snowball effect." Coming from a big family with lots of siblings, did that encourage you to develop an idiosyncratic style?
"Oh yes. We’re all different. I have a tomboy sister, Marine, who is the eldest. Then I have Ondine, who is crazy about Liberty floral prints and loves vintage. Léa is very much in another world. Sometimes she’s…you don’t know where. And my sisters say that I’m the craziest. I don’t like boring style, and I don’t want to be categorized. Sometimes I want to be very sexy for my boyfriend. Sometimes I like to have sneakers and a very casual look. Sometimes I want to be high fashion. I like so many things." Are there any particular women whose style is inspiring you now?
"I have different obsessions, but now I have Marie Antoinette and I love her, and I love Sofia Coppola movies. I also love Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, that classic New York, American style. I think she was so classy. And actually, I’m also completely crazy about Rihanna. I want her to wear my collection!"
Photo: Roger Vivier
Why do you think women universally try to emulate French style?
"I don’t know. We’re all unique. You have some super-trendy English girls who wear a lot of color, and then you have the classic English women. It's the same for the French. You can be very Parisian — you’re afraid to mix, and you’re going to wear a lot of black, gray, white — and then you can have a crazy one, like me, who doesn't care about matching colors. Maybe the French thing is not about what you wear, but maybe not being afraid to flirt, to drink wine, to eat. Some women put so much pressure [on themselves]; they need to go to the gym, they need to eat carefully, they dress for others and not for themselves. Maybe the French woman doesn’t care. "The thing that I like about Carrie Bradshaw — and something I like about women in London and New York — is that she dresses to go to the grocery store in high heels, and then you have this episode where she’s doing the cover of [New York magazine] and she has no makeup on…She has something French. She loves accessories and she smokes. She’s having fun. Sometimes, the French woman is too chic. I think Yves Saint Laurent said it but I can’t remember: You need to be a little bit vulgar sometimes. If you’re too perfect, you’re boring.

Besides Rihanna, who would you like to see in the collection?
"Everyone! I don’t have a special woman in my mind. I just want a cool girl, a girl who’s enjoying herself, a girl who’s crazy and alive, who’s going to see her boyfriend in my boots. If you wear my collection, you’re going to get a lot of men. I’m a lucky charm."

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