The iPhone 6s Has The Most Adorable Celebrity Spokesman

Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images.
Fact: Almost any ad will be improved by the addition of a muppet. So it's no surprise that Apple's newest iPhone 6s ad, which features the one and only Cookie Monster, is totally adorable. In the commercial, the hungry monster and his quest to make homemade cookies are aided by the iPhone's hands-free "Hey Siri" feature. With the 6s, the phone can be unplugged and Siri is still awake and alert, ready to assist on verbal command. While the commercial certainly shows how useful Siri can be in setting a timer when your hands are potentially covered in cookie dough, we don't really believe that Cookie Monster would have simply idly waited after placing the cookies in the oven. Yes, the Cookie Monster uses Siri to play some music from his "Waiting" playlist while his beloved cookies baked. But Cookie Monster definitely would have taken cooking selfies during those torturous 14 minutes. We bet he also would have slayed at some Candy Crush (although, in hindsight, that might have resulted in him munching on the phone). Maybe the footage of Cookie Monster sending a group text to the rest of the Sesame Street gang will come in a sequel ad?

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