Lisa. Frank. Tarot. Cards — Yes, That’s The Sound Of Your Prayers Being Answered

Oh, Lisa Frank, your wild imagination brought my elementary school self to my knees. I was so in awe of your magical and colorful stickers, stationery, lunch boxes, and other miscellany. Now, thanks to artist Ariel Hart, fellow enthusiasts and I can obsess over Frank's work on tarot cards. Yes. Tarot. Cards.
Did you know that Lisa Frank was like the original Banksy? No, not for her art, although both styles are pretty incredible, but for her physical absence from...everything, like the elusive Banksy. The past, present, and future of Lisa Frank as a woman, not as the creator of the mythical and trippy world, is pretty mysterious. Though, regardless of her own personal mystique, her artwork is here now to help you determine out your future. I mean, if you're into that kinda stuff. But get real, who isn't a little bit curious?
"Odd fact is that I was homeschooled most of my life, I didn't have the street cred factor of cool school supplies," Hart told Refinery29 via email. "For me, it's a really great way to bond with people my age because it seems to be a touchstone of a time in school that I missed." The 30-year-old artist, who works on the West Coast doing social media, shared her full set of Lisa Frank tarot cards with the Huffington Post, and we collected them in a slideshow for you here. Get ready for an alien duo, a stylish bear in a suit, and some adorable golden retriever pups.
Hart also told us some very good news about her own future — she plans on making more art in the "same vein" this year. "I really want it to be accessible and sharable (read: free)," she told us.
If you need instructions on how to read your cards click here, and if you just want to know the meaning of ones like "The Hanged Man," click here. Ahead, enjoy the trip down memory lane. And may the cards be ever in your favor.

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