Update: That Kim Kardashian Selfie Mural Has Been Slut-Shamed

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Update: It took less than two days for someone to deface the mural of Kim Kardashian's naked selfie in Australia. The image has been splashed with white and brown paint; the word "slut" was also scrawled across the artwork.

The artist who created the mural told Buzzfeed that this wasn't entirely unexpected. "It was a given, considering the subject matter," he commented, adding that he is "bummed that people didn’t get more of a chance to interact with it and that someone felt the dire need to spray 'SLUT' across it."

Andddd this is why we can't have nice things @kimkardashian

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This story was originally published on March 14 at 7:30 p.m.

If you saw Kim Kardashian’s most recent naked selfie and said, “This is pretty good but I wish it was, like, three storeys high and on a building in Australia,” congratulations on your super specific and oddly prescient taste.

Street artist Lush Sux painted the mural in Melbourne, posting a picture of the art two days ago. The mural is on the side of a digital print shop and has already garnered Australian media coverage.

Lush, who also calls himself Mark Walls, told HuffPo that the mural took “as long as it took Kim Kardashian to get 100,000 comments on the original photo of herself in the nude.”

So…five minutes?



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Like most street art, the piece is victim to the environment around it. And some brave soul took his or her own paint can and decided to add a comment of his or her own. We’re guessing this is by a man, but also believe that persons of any gender can be idiots.

Andddd this is why we can't have nice things @kimkardashian

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Of course, one could take this defacement of a defacement as the ultimate real-world expression of the typical tone of an internet comments section. Wheels within wheels.

If you’re interested in having your nude picture painted three storeys high on a building, you can apparently ask Lush and he will do that for you.

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