Albert Einstein’s 28 Greatest Quotes

"If you could have dinner with anybody, living or dead, who would it be?" It's probably the most often asked hypothetical — and if you had to guess the most common answer, you'd be pretty safe putting your money on Albert Einstein.
Einstein was born in Germany on this day in 1879. And 137 years later, he's still seen as one of the most brilliant minds in science — and among the most fascinating characters in history. Even though Einstein was a veritable genius, he was anything but a jargon-wielding, inaccessible, snobby intellectual. Yes, the theoretical physicist made one of the most influential contributions to science of all time — the general theory of relativity, MC-something-or-other — but he was also a surprisingly funny dude who didn't take himself too seriously.
Einstein's childlike wonderment at the world is both refreshing and infectious. And his musings on humankind and the universe are not just beautiful — the man had a way of putting things in perspective like no one else. While his life's work may have been in science, Einstein had insightful thoughts on everything from religion and racism to human stupidity and the income tax. Here are 28 of Albert Einstein's wittiest, wisest, profoundest, and greatest quotes.

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