Brittany Snow’s Biggest Beauty Regret Is Terrifying

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Chatting with actress Brittany Snow is exactly like you'd expect: She's kind, modest, relatable, and even a touch soft-spoken — that is, until you get her going. Last night, we had the opportunity to sit down with the Pitch Perfect star, and her quiet demeanor quickly changed when the subject turned to beauty. The product fanatic (and recent ambassador for Coppertone's Clearly Sheer line) spilled about all her beauty horror stories, her love of drugstore bargains, and the one thing she always wears under her makeup. Check out her hilarious answers.
What can we expect from Pitch Perfect 3?
"There isn't a script yet, so I have absolutely no idea! I know I’m in it, I know I’m going to be Chloe again, and my hair is going to be red, and that’s about all I know. It’s always really exciting to be back with the girls and re-create what we started. It’s kind of like summer camp — every year, we get to come back."
Do you share beauty products when you’re filming?
"[Pitch Perfect co-star] Kelley Jakle and I live together in real life, so we share everything and we do share beauty tips, like the braids that we find on Pinterest and want to try. But when it comes to shooting Pitch Perfect, we’re basically in workout clothes all day rehearsing. When we’re shooting, we have hair and makeup on set so it’s very low-key."
What is your biggest beauty regret?
"There was this one time, I actually think it was my 21st birthday, and I was doing press for Hairspray in Las Vegas. I went to this [aesthetician who] told me I needed to wax my face, which I don’t... She waxed my entire face, and I had an allergic reaction because I have extremely sensitive skin. I broke out in this crazy [rash], and my face was bright red [for all the interviews]. But now, I know that I have extremely sensitive skin!"

I broke out in this crazy [rash], and my face was bright red... But now, I know that I have extremely sensitive skin!

Do you have any hair regrets?
"Back in middle school, I used to put gel in my hair because I have curly hair. You know Dep gel? I would get the green kind and crunch it into my hair, and sometimes I would dry it with a diffuser and then brush through it, so it would end up being this big broccoli-shaped mess. I look at pictures now and I can’t believe that is something I did. I clearly didn’t understand my natural curls and how to let them air-dry." What’s your favorite fragrance?
"I wear Chloé — which is funny; I’ve never thought about [it being my Pitch Perfect character's name] before!"
What about your favorite scent that’s not a fragrance?
"I really love the smell of walking into a spa — you just feel more serene. I try to make my bathroom and my tub [similar], so I use a lot of natural botanical oils."
What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?
"Probably these facials that I get from my aesthetician, Amy Rae. I’ve gone to her for a really long time. She has this holistic spa that I basically live at; she’s amazing, and it’s a one-stop shop for all things great for your skin. It’s definitely the most money I spend on anything; I’m a pretty big cheapskate, but when it comes to my skin it’s kind of worth it to splurge."

I’m a pretty big cheapskate, but when it comes to my skin it’s kind of worth it to splurge.

What's the biggest beauty investment you’ve ever made?
"Hair extensions for a movie. I mean, the movie pays for it, but I am always shocked at how badly [they] want me to have long hair, because it’s so expensive. But, for me, it would be facials. There was this one facial I got called The Sapphire. It is more money than anyone should pay for a facial, but it's an investment and really amazing." What’s your secret single beauty behavior?
"Probably the Mario Badescu pink zit cream, Crest Whitestrips — those are always great to do when alone, coconut oil in my hair, [and] any kind of face masks — probably all at the same time! And nobody can tell me otherwise! (laughs)"
You’ve colored your hair many shades, yet it always looks healthy do you have any favorite products you use?
"I use Kérastase masks, which really work for me. I have gone through so many different hair colors that it’s always really important that my colorist does a mask and a treatment. I try to keep it healthy because I get really bored really easily. I’m actually looking forward to changing my hair color again — it’s my favorite thing to do."
What’s your favorite hair color you've had so far?
"I really liked it black, but only for a little while. Then I was like, What am I doing? Who am I? I would like to dye my hair really dark again...but I think my favorite is a strawberry-blond, honey color."
What’s your favorite song to sing when you're getting ready to go out?
"Anything Rihanna — 'Hopeless Place' ['We Found Love'] or 'Pour It Up' if you want to get all cool with it — or Usher’s 'Yeah!' That song will never be bad — it’s going to be 2020, and that song is still going to be my jam!"
What's been your weirdest beauty experience?
"Probably the woman that told me I needed to wax my entire face! (laughs) But also going to spas that strip you down, walk on you, and twist and turn you. Now I’m used to it, but the first time I did it, I had no idea that everyone was going to be running around naked and twisting everything."

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