Kourtney Kardashian Had A Childhood Crush On Leonardo DiCaprio, Like Everyone Else

Broadimage/REX Shutterstock
Kourtney and Khloé, and indeed the entire Kardashian clan, seem to know each other pretty well. The sisters decided to gamify their knowledge of each other in a post to Kourtney’s website and app.

Their game: Know Thy Sister, which is basically the newlywed game only with family members. Their stakes: They unlock the Kardashian Chest and find the final secret egg, which holds the key to their power. (Not really. The stakes are nonexistent.)

The other nonexistent thing is Khloé’s knowledge of her sister. She loses 7-4, but the real knowledge gap seems much wider. At one point, she guesses Luke Perry as Kourtney’s childhood crush.

“Leonardo DiCaprio,” is the correct answer. And, also, objectively the correct answer. Congratulations to Leo on his Oscar win and, retroactively, capturing the heart of Justin Bieber’s favorite Kardashian.

The other revelation: Kourtney’s spirit animal is a panther, because it’s secretive and mothering. Good answer, Kourt.

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