Avoid These Vacation-Ruining European Travel Scams

Photography by Ingalls Photo.
There are a couple of things every savvy traveller already knows to keep in mind when going abroad. Google Earth-ing the address of a sketchy hostel and always keeping a second form of ID on you are practically no-brainers to the jaded jet-setter.

But would you think to double-check the cash change that a cabbie gave you back for counterfeit bills? Or that the adorable French gamin asking if you can spare a euro for Unicef is actually eyeing your wristwatch? According to data from insurance agency AIG, these are just some of the weird, country-specific scams that local con artists use to part tourists from their valuables.

Some of them, like fake taxi drivers, are fairly universal. But some of them are really crazy. In Italy, for example, it's apparently common for thieves to slash the tires of a car, then pretend to come along to help the stranded tourist. When you open up the car, your new friends will rob you.

AIG put together an infographic to keep travelers informed of what to watch out for when making your way through Europe. It may be something to print out and tuck in your wallet with your list of emergency contacts.

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