Heartwarming Video Shows The Moment A Refugee Family Is Reunited With Their Pet

Amid all the headlines about war and violence, it's sometimes easy to forget that refugee families once had lives that didn't revolve around finding basics like food and shelter — that they had friends, neighbors and pets. A heartwarming video produced by The Guardian tells the story of how one mother and her five children were reunited with their beloved cat this month after a long and harrowing journey. The family, who have chosen to remain anonymous, were forced to flee their home in Iraq. Seeking safety in Europe, they made the perilous journey by sea to the Greek island of Lesbos in November, carrying with them their cat, Kunkush. But Kunkush became frightened and was separated from the family in Greece, The Guardian reported. The mother and her children eventually made their way to Norway to settle there. Meanwhile, Greek volunteers had found Kunkush and, after giving him veterinary care, started to look for his owners. With the help of volunteers, Kunkush was brought to Berlin and eventually to Norway. The family's reaction to seeing Kunkush again is a clear reminder that behind the headlines of the refugee crisis are human beings just like us.

Refinery29 is committed to telling the human story behind the headlines of the refugee crisis. Read "Daughters of Paradise," the story of three Syrian women who were forced to flee violence and civil war and rebuild their lives in Turkey, here. Read Refinery29's full coverage of the refugee crisis here.

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