The Unexpected Trend These 15 Celebs Love

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Some celebs would rather let their assistants handle their Tweeting and Instagramming. But others have a deep love for technology, social media, and staying connected. With that in mind, it's not surprising that a growing number of celebrities have adopted one of tech's biggest trends: wearables.

Whether they want to shoot off a tweet at a moment's notice or keep track of their daily step count, notables such as President Obama, Queen Bey, and Jon Hamm have all been caught sporting our favorite smartwatches and activity trackers. (Turns out, a lot of folks wear the Apple Watch.) But truth be told, it can be difficult to know for sure what they actually like to wear when these actors, musicians, and politicians aren't on set or onstage.

If you've ever wondered how your favorite stars really feel about the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other wearables, read on.
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Jon Hamm was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with a simple all black Apple Watch on his wrist in September, but before that, he took it on The Daily Show. "Does that work?" Jon Stewart asked in the episode. "Yeah! Robert Carlock just sent me a text," Hamm replies.
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Oprah is a huge Apple Watch fan, and included it in her list of favorite things for 2015. She says: "I love to wear rose gold, so I'm excited that the latest iPhone and the Apple Watch Sport now come in the lovely shade. The blush Sport is way more affordable than the 18kt-rose gold Edition version, and the iPhone has cool new features like Live Photos, which captures the moments before and after a shot, so you get motion as well as a pic."
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Photo: Courtesy @JoannaStern/Twitter.
President Barack Obama wears a Fitbit Surge — and he wears it all the time. Check his left wrist in TV appearances, and you may spot it sneaking out from under his cuff.

While the reason for the choice may be its fitness focus (how many steps does he take each day around the White House?), another possibility is that as POTUS, he can't use a smartphone. Obama is not allowed to use a smartphone with a recording device, so he still uses a 2007 Blackberry. A smartwatch would likely similarly not be allowed, especially since it has to pair with an iOS or Android smartphone.
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"I love my Apple Watch. It's the only thing in my life that I don't mind when it tells me to get off my ass and walk around," Mindy Kaling shared on Instagram.
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Photo: Courtesy @ddlovato/Instagram.
Demi Lovato paired a black-banded Apple Watch Edition with a matching leather jacket at an appearance on American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest this summer. She's also Instagrammed herself with a different colored leather band — the better for pairing the watch with different outfits. "Had to ??," she wrote when she got it.
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Photos: Courtesy @gwenstefani/Instagram.
Gwen Stefani loves chunky wrist jewelry (see here and here), so it's not surprising she's also donned an Apple Watch, in this case with a white sport band. Before that, she apparently needed three normal watches to get the job done. Stefani said she was having fun playing with different watch faces in the photo on the left. Before that, Stefani even attended the San Jose, California media event where Apple introduced the Apple Watch.
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Photo: Courtesy @BritneySpears/Instagram.
Britney Spears has been a longtime Fitbit wearer. While she's never spoken about it, it's clear she's a fan: she's been photographed wearing both a hot pink and an aqua blue Fitbit Flex on numerous occasions. In this image, the black bangle on her left wrist looks a lot like a Nike+ Fuel Band, but it's difficult to tell for sure.
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Photo: Courtesy @ChloeGMoretz/Twitter.
Chloë Grace Moritz got herself a simple stainless steel Apple Watch with a Milanese Loop band. "Let's see what this #AppleWatch can do! So excited," she shared on Twitter when she posted this picture.

She's been spotted wearing it around L.A., but also trades it in for a regular old non-smart watch from time-to-time.
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Photo: Courtesy Fitbit.
Christina Applegate showed off her Tory Burch for Fitbit at a Married With Children reunion in 2014. "The fact that your [co-star Katey Sagal’s] body is better now than it was then makes me sick, because I’m wearing a Fitbit trying to get rid of all my baby weight,” Applegate said as she raised her wrist to show the band. The Tory Burch version was a smart choice for the actress because it does all the usual activity tracking, but it looks elegant enough to pair with a dress or other fine jewelry.
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Photo: Courtesy @nph/Instagram.
Neil Patrick Harris stopped by his local Apple Store to grab an Apple Watch the day it debuted. He snapped this Instagram several months later to share that he still enjoys how it makes him feel like "a secret agent or a super hero." We're right there with you, NPH.
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Caught! Nancy Pelosi checked her Apple Watch during the State of the Union address in January, and there's a Vine to prove it. She told ABC News the reason for the glance: "My watch was telling me to stand up for one minute!" Not one to miss her smartwatch-defined goals, she then tried to see if standing up to applaud, then sitting down, then standing up again would cumulatively add up to reach her standing goal for the hour.
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Photo: Courtesy @GwynethPaltrow/Instagram.
In addition to "spunky leggings" (which, truth be told, make any workout more bearable), Gwyneth Paltrow has also been spotted wearing the Jawbone UP fitness band. The band may be one of the secrets to her healthy lifestyle — she's worn it both on runs, and out doing errands.
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Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale got herself an Apple Watch shortly after they went on sale. "I am so excited to play around with this thing !!" she wrote on Instagram.
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Before any of us could get our hands on it, Beyoncé strapped on the uber expensive 18k gold Apple Watch Edition. But, she wasn't the first celeb to sport one. That honor goes to...
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Photo: Courtesy of @bentoub.
Karl Lagerfeld, of course. His employee Sebastien Jondeau Instagrammed this pic of the famed designer showing off his special edition beauty.

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