Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 16 Recap: Too Many Rotten Eggs

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During the early seasons of Pretty Little Liars, I held an intensely believed theory that the more main characters a non-liar kissed on the show, the more likely he or she was involved with "A." Once someone had kissed three main characters, his or her name was moved to the "highly suspicious and highly involved" list. This list included Wren (Julian Morris), Ian (Ryan Merriman), Toby (Keegan Allen), Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto), and Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty). Tonight's episode reminded me that Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) was forced to kiss Mona (Janel Parrish) a couple of seasons ago in an attempt to trap "A." That kiss, plus his relationships with Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario), means he has kissed three people. I love Caleb, but he is an official member of the "highly suspicious and highly involved" list now. (It also adds Mona to this list — where she always deserved to be). Caleb is not in good company. Ian took photos of underaged girls, and was murdered. Toby was "A" for a while. Mona was "A" for a while. Wren is married to Melissa, who is always in possession of the murder weapon (spoiler: once again this is true). And Noel? Well, he was just sketchy. But I would be 100% alright with him being "A," just so he could come back to the show and answer some remaining questions. I should be concerned that I'm watching a show that needs this list. But, I've always fully admitted my addiction and I'm OK with it. Instead, I'm concerned about Caleb.

Could Caleb be "A" after all?
While I get over my distress, here are the 29 other most important questions from tonight's episode.
1. I know I discussed this last week, but how is it possible that expensive contractors didn't find a whole underground creepy torture chamber when they were converting Radley Sanitarium to Radley Hotel?
2. Really Caleb? You're going to tell your brand new girlfriend that her mom has cancer by just showing her the medical records?
3. Are Ali (Sasha Pieterse) and Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) actually dating? Why is it a secret? Either way, their chemistry is awful.
4. Why is Ali the one that trusts the police? They targeted her just as much as the other girls.
5. What kind of creepy stalker wants Emily's (Shay Mitchell) eggs so bad that they damaged the eggs of 30 other women?
6. Does "A (Part II)" not realize how expensive fertility treatments are?
7. Did you know eggs (of the breakfast — not fertility center — variety) could be that creepy? That breakfast plate with a fork in its eye and "Poor Jordie" written in ketchup around it really freaked me out.
8. If Jordan (David Coussins) just Googled "romantic" and "trashy," how did "A (Part II)" find them so quickly?
9. How can Hanna possibly like this hotel room? (Pictured below)
Photo: Freeform/Eric McCandless.
10. Is Jordan just part of the game? He hasn't failed the kissing too many people test yet. But then again, Charlotte hasn't kissed three characters to my knowledge.
11. Who was the curly-headed child in that picture in Ali's house?
12. MONA! This is not a question, but her presence always deserves to be mentioned.
13. Should we trust this Mona? After everything they've been through, it would make sense that Mona and The Liars care about each other. But, in the mid-season finale they also learned exactly how much torture Mona inflicted on them.
14. Why did Aria (Lucy Hale) think that she could pass her writing off as Ezra's (Ian Harding)? Of course her professional editor boyfriend would pick up on her writing style.
15. Why would Liam (Roberto Aguire) recommend Aria continue forging a book for their boss? What good could possibly come from that?
16. Why should you never date your best friend's first love (well, other than the fact it makes you a sketchy person)?
17. "What are we going to call it, Walden?" No, Caleb, Walden is an awful name. "A (Part II)" is a much better name.
18. Caleb didn't like New York City? I find that weird considering his character development.
19. How perfect is his quote about The Hamptons, though? "The Hamptons are just another part of Manhattan, except it takes three hours to get there."
20. Rosewood hasn't had any murders in five years?!
21. Why are all the journalists not coming to town for exposes? The town went from an average of five murders a year to five years without a murder? I mean, it's quite a list of people reported murdered: Ali, Ian, Maya, Lyndon/Nate, Garrett, Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson), Shana (Aeriél Miranda), Bethany Young, Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker), and Mona. And, two of the people on this list turned out to be alive, so in a way, that's even creepier.
22. Didn't Ali write "Mrs. Rollins" on the board the first day of class?
23. Was that scene set in the future? That means we have a wedding coming up. How will any of them even have time to plan a wedding during the chaos of "A (Part II)"?
24. Why would Ezra not tell Aria that her parents were back together? I would 100% reveal a pleasant surprise if it meant clearing my name of a murder.
25. Why wouldn't the girls think Ezra was a murderer? He had a lair he devoted to stalking them a few years ago, routinely dated underaged girls, and wrote a sketchy book about them. He was a very convincing red herring.
26. Whatever happened to his book? Is that manuscript the motivation behind "A (Part II)?"
27. How is Aria going to tell Ezra that she already submitted three, very-forged chapters for him?
28. Of course the murder weapon probably belongs to Melissa. How is a Hastings always in possession of the murder weapon? Why didn't the police realize it was a suitcase handle? That's a very common object.
29. Why are the girls once again surprised someone is trying to kill them in the preview for next week's episode? It looked like a car was trying to run over Emily exactly where a car ran over Hanna in high school. The plot lines aren't even that original at this point.

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