17 On-Screen Couples Who Have ZERO Chemistry

Okay, look: None of these movies are horrible, per se. None of the actors are bad (well, for the most part), but together...? Well, they simply didn't sell us on their all-encompassing, plot-driving romance. Sorry, guys, but some of these relationships generate more fizzle than steam — and a few make us flat out uncomfortable. (Luckily, there is some on-screen chemistry that will literally set hearts on fire, so we've got that covered, too. And we even love couples that make us feel things, even if they don't work out.)
There is nothing quite as enjoyable as suffering through someone else's uncomfortable fake romance, so here are our couples who have the emotional/sexual connection of a barrel of dead fish.
Though if you are craving some sexy sex, we suggest pouring yourself a tall glass of cold water and checking out these movie scenes.

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