Watch A Mesmerizing Video Of Robot Chefs Making Ramen

In the future, "fast food" is going to have an entirely new meaning. At least, that's what we glean from what's happening China. There, in Shanghai's Hongkou District, a restaurant with robotic chefs serve hungry customers their delicious meals. The "chefs" are a pair of robots, named Kona and Toya, which cost $154,000 apiece. That seems like a pricy investment for cooks that can only make one dish: beef ramen. The restaurant's owner, Liu Jin, is pleased with the investment, though. The robots are incredibly popular with customers and cost roughly the same as paying two employees for six years of work. (And since they're robots, they don't need sick days or vacation days.) You can watch the duo in action in the video, below.
Robot restaurants seem to be a growing trend. There are several that have opened in Japan and China over the past few years, and even one that opened in San Francisco. Human chefs shouldn't fear for their jobs just yet, though — all these robo cooks seem extremely limited in their food-making abilities. For now.

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