An Update On Those Nick Jonas/Lily Collins Dating Rumors, Thanks To Phil Collins

Photo: Todd Williamson/Stringer/Getty Images.
Maintaining an air of mystery about your relationship status is all the rage these days in young Hollywood. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid only just stopped denying their relationship (and still haven't actually confirmed it). In a profile for Complex magazine, Nick Jonas gushed over his connection with Kate Hudson, but wouldn't say whether they dated. Now, rumors are floating that Jonas, 23, is dating actress Lily Collins after the two were spotted together skiing in Mammoth, California and bowling in L.A. Well, Lily's dad Phil Collins would like to set the record straight for everybody. In a new interview with Yahoo, the British musician said his daughter told him that, despite the gossip, she and Nick are just friends. "Lily called me the other day and she was in Mammoth which is where all this was happening. She said 'I’m here with a friend,' and she said it’s not serious. It’s just friends." I don't know, to us it sounds like the kind of sly lying-without-really-lying denial routine that daughters can use to escape awkward conversations with their dads — even famous ones. “I’m not sure what Nick looks like,” Collins added, chuckling. (Burn!) Collins shifted from P.R. to Papa Bear mode, though, when he shared some pretty sweet words about Lily, 26. “She just is remarkable,” he said. "I really believe she can do anything she wants to. Anything she sets her mind to. She’s very grounded, knows what she wants to do. She’s done it without me. All I said to her was be careful what you say." Looks like she's taking dad's advice.

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