Donald Trump Looks Like A Tomato, & Other Political Insights From 8-Year-Olds

Photo: Getty Images.
Elementary school kids may not have sophisticated ideas about politics and public policy. They do, however, have strong opinions on the color of Donald Trump's face and whether Bernie Sanders likes ties.

The Washington Post
gathered a group of children between the ages of 6 and 8 to see how they reacted to recent statements from the candidates. Their reactions were emotional, assured, and made one thing very clear — they've heard a lot at home about Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders didn't get the most favorable review from the kids, although at least one thought he bore a striking resemblance to her grandfather. Some members of the group were excited that Clinton could end a long streak of exclusively male presidents, but they were also concerned about what her husband would be called if she did become Commander-in-Chief. When it was Trump's time to be judged by the young critics, there was an instant uproar. In the midst of a takedown of his general appearance was an argument about exactly which minorities he isn't a fan of. If there's one lesson we can take away from these kids, it's this: Cookies make even the most frustrating debates more watchable.

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