Why Lily-Rose Depp Is Terrified Of Being Hacked Online

Lily-Rose Depp may be a 16-year-old muse to Karl Lagerfeld with three big movies coming out this year, but, like most other teenagers growing up in the age of technology, she has some very real fears about being on social media. "I am constantly afraid of getting hacked," Depp told LOVE Magazine, in her first cover interview. "It’s like being afraid of stepping on glass." Growing up in the spotlight, as daughter to Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose wasn't always wary of social media accounts — "I first started using social media when I was 12 or something – not publicly, I had private accounts" — but she seems to be more cautious now than ever, thanks to a number of fake accounts popping up all over the internet (seriously just Google "Lily-Rose Depp twitter" and there are dozens.) "... People have been pretending to be me, and my brother," she said. "It’s so annoying. It’s super weird." To combat that, Depp keeps her number of public accounts small with only one Instagram page, even if her following is huge — nearly 1.5 million. The bio on her Insta page is currently "this is my only form of social media! all other accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, blog, etc.) are FAKE!" "Everybody is going to say whatever the fuck they are going to say about me – and it is like this for everybody," she said. "I would be much less stressed out without social media." Female celebrities of all ages have been especially targeted on the internet, from Jennifer Lawrence, to Kaley Cuoco, to Gabrielle Union, so Lily Rose's fears are justified. It's unclear what the cause of the infamous "Celebgate" hack was, so it's equally unclear of how to prevent it from happening again. Lily-Rose is pretty mature in acknowledging that there are risks to her being on social media. She is also trying to get a leg up by managing her account very closely, but frankly, she shouldn't really have too. It's hard enough being a teenage girl without having to worry about internet hackers. "It is delicate being my age, and trying to do all the regular teenager stuff, and then having that in the spotlight," she said. "But I am grateful for what it brings and it is honestly a small price to pay to get to do what I want to do – I am very happy about that."

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