How Kaley Cuoco Hacked the Nude Photo Hackers Back

Even if you're not a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you've gotta love its totally candid star Kaley Cuoco. Last night, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the upcoming season of TBBT. She was by no means mandated to address the recent celebrity nude photo hack, but she did.
Cuoco begins by being totally up front about the fact that yes, she was one of the people who got hacked. Also, she has a Google alert for her name. Finally, a celebrity who will actually own up to it. It's just a smart PR move, really. Unfortunately, it's kind of the Google alert that cried wolf, since Cuoco was constantly getting notifications that nude photos of her have appeared online. "Every day, there's like 30," the actress tells Kimmel. "It's been going on for years."
This time was different, though. "I started getting emails like, no, there's some real ones going around. And, I was like, oh my god, there are some real ones." She took preventative measures and was even able to use the hack as an opportunity to update her family on some other news.
"I sent an email out to my family. I said, ' Just so you know, this happened...P.S. I'm not pregnant. P.S.S. [sic] I'm not getting a divorce.' I was able to get everything out....It was just a really bad situation, but I took it into my own hands and made a joke about it because, you know, what are you going to do?"
Cuoco also totally hacked the hackers back (say that five times fast). She used an app called Nudifier to leak some "nudes" of her own. She posted a photo of her and her husband on the beach along with the caption, "What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feels like we forgot something?"
Kaley Cuoco: 100, hackers: -309,394,102,049. Boom. (Uproxx)

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