28 GIFs To Send ALL Your Baes This V-Day

February 14th. A day of roses, chocolates, and every shade of red. Of love notes, dinner reservations, and candlelit kisses. But what I have always loved the most, out of all the romantic shmoozery, are Valentine's Day cards.
They bring me back to elementary school, when every student in class would make and decorate their own mailboxes and everyone walked around the room dropping off personalized notes in each one.
If you still manage to make homemade cards for your family, friends, and loved ones, then major props to you. If not, we got you.
No matter your relationship status, we all deserve to receive a Valentine in the mail. Or in this case, in an email. So take these stand-in Valentine GIFs and share them with those in need of one. If you're celebrating the single life and it's just another Sunday in the middle of February for you, then these will help you get through the overly romantic day, one shirtless hottie at a time.
So have a very Happy Virtual Valentine's Day, from me to you.

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