The Saddest Scenes In This Is Us

Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
Warning: Spoilers for NBC’s This Is Us.
You cannot watch This Is Us without a box of tissues handy. This new series has mastered the art of the tear jerker. In one episode you’re crying laughing — like when Kevin and Randall tussled in the middle of Manhattan and Seth Meyers randomly showed up to make sure everything was ok. In another, you’re tearing up at one of the sentimental moments between members of the Pearson family. My eyes water every time I see someone doing push ups now because of Jack Pearson.
And then there are other scenes in the show that are just heartbreaking, and you graduate from sniffling to Kim Kardashian-style ugly crying. All of these emotions hit you in only half of a season.
I’m going to be a masochist for a moment and recount some of the saddest scenes from the series so far.
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