The Saddest Scenes In This Is Us

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Warning: Spoilers for NBC’s This Is Us.
You cannot watch This Is Us without a box of tissues handy. This new series has mastered the art of the tear jerker. In one episode you’re crying laughing — like when Kevin and Randall tussled in the middle of Manhattan and Seth Meyers randomly showed up to make sure everything was ok. In another, you’re tearing up at one of the sentimental moments between members of the Pearson family. My eyes water every time I see someone doing push ups now because of Jack Pearson.
And then there are other scenes in the show that are just heartbreaking, and you graduate from sniffling to Kim Kardashian-style ugly crying. All of these emotions hit you in only half of a season.
I’m going to be a masochist for a moment and recount some of the saddest scenes from the series so far.
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Rebecca's Breakdown Over Her Burned Home

This would be bad enough if Rebecca had simply lost her beloved family home with Jack in a fire. But, that's not where the mum-of-three's trauma ends in the season 2 premiere's closer. No, the ruined home is one part of the puzzle as to why Rebecca's husband died. What we're actually seeing is Rebecca's breakdown over Jack's death and the fact the life she shared with him has effectively been burned to a crisp, right before her very eyes.
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Kate’s flight scene

Anyone who has flown while fat knows how uncomfortable and embarrassing the experience can. For many plus sized people, travel is the bane of our existence. On her way to the East Coast for Christmas, Kate boarded her plane and had to comfort a disgusted row mate by announcing that she had purchased both seats. The camera focused on her as she settled in awkwardly. It was horrible.
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Kevin being mean to Randall

The tension between Kevin and his adopted brother Randall runs deep. Growing up, Randall desperately sought his brother’s approval; Kevin was jealous of the extra effort and attention their mother spent making sure Randall felt loved. Kevin emotionally tortured Randall all throughout their youth by refusing to show him any affection or cut him a break, leaving Randall feeling hurt and isolated. Some of their dysfunction has spilled over into adulthood and I can’t help but scream at my TV, “get it together boys!”
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Rebecca spilling her homemade cranberry sauce

This may not stand out to other viewers as a particularly sad moment. But imagine spending hours whippin' up a specialty dish, being anxious about getting your family’s approval, trying to handle the needs of three children, and having bangs in your face the whole time. Now imagine the dish splattering to the floor, ruining both dish and bowl. I can’t say I didn’t shed a tear for Rebecca then.
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William being denied the opportunity to meet his son

One of the major twists in This Is Us so far has been revealing that Rebecca knew who Randall’s biological father was. Her and William, who was sober following a severe drug addiction, had been corresponding via mail and Rebecca had even sent William a picture of his young son. When William wants to meet the son he left at a fire station, Rebecca considers it. But she changes her mind thanks to Jack and his push-ups, and writes William a letter that breaks his heart and mine.
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Toby’s Heart attack

The shocking cliffhanger in the midseason finale left us all with our mouths open and seriously rethinking every greasy food we’ve ever eaten. Kate’s ex-boyfriend Toby surprised her by popping up at Randall’s New Jersey home for Christmas. He was sure that he wanted to be with her and even committed to getting back on the diet that brought them together. But then, on Christmas Eve, when nothing bad is supposed to happen, Toby collapsed from an assumed heart attack. We still don’t know if he survived.
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Rebecca's Pregnancy

She has three human beings stealing her nutrients and fighting for room to grow inside of her womb. In episode 12 we learn that she can't fit her shoes or use the restroom without the help of her husband. If this isn's sad, I don't know what is.
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No One Showing Up To Randall's Birthday Party

For their 10th birthday, the Pearson triplets decide that they want separate birthday parties. While Kate and Kevin's parties are a hit among their peers, only a few people show up to Randall's. But what makes it even sadder is that Randall doesn't even care. He's extremely grateful for the few people that show up and accepts that the rest of his classmates aren't his real friends. He truly has a heart of gold and deserves to have a lit party, damn it!
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Kate's Angsty Tween Despair

When the three Pearson siblings decide to split up for their 10th birthday, Kate definitely has the best party theme. She requests a Madonna bash, and her dad Jack even hand-bedazzles gloves for her guests. But at some point during the day, it becomes clear that her brother Kevin is the life of all three parties happening in the Pearson household.

When Jack finds Kate alone and abandoned in her room, he vogues with her and tried to make her feel better about having wishy-washy friends. But alas, Kate has reached the age where her father's wisdom just doesn't hold the same weight as her peers. She just wants to be left alone.
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Kevin's unrequited love for Sophie

I hardly ever feel sad for Kevin because he's so entitled and annoying. But no one can deny the effects of a first love. So even I got a lump in my throat when Kevin begged a spoken for Sophie to meet with him one more time.

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