Kate Beckinsale, John Krasinski, Jena Malone & More Share Their Craziest On-Screen Stunts

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Don't let their beautiful faces and vast fame and fortune fool you: stars have to do some pretty unappealing things. Heck, it's what's gonna — finally — nab Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar in a few weeks for his exhausting efforts in The Revenant. At this year's Sundance Film Festival, Leo's stunts inspired Vanity Fair to ask celebrities what the craziest thing they've ever done on-screen, and the answers ranged from the downright disgusting (Nick Kroll admitted to eating dog food onstage, twice) to the embarrassing (Kathryn Hahn's love scene with Josh Radnor resulted in a nude thong that moved out of place) to the downright dangerous (Armie Hammer bravely/stupidly rode a horse through a moving train). The entire star-packed clip is worth watching for amusing snippets from the likes of John Krasinski (who ran into a burning building), Jena Malone (had to have a merkin trimmed for a birth scene), Zosia Mamet (who ate a cow's brain..."by accident"), and so many more. While we definitely wouldn't want to eat 30 hard boiled eggs like Octavia Spencer did or shoot ourselves up with saline like Jesse Plemons, we think Kate Beckinsale takes the cake when she had to have cement poured on her and go through a tunnel filled with rats. Hard pass. Being Kate Beckinsale sounds amazing most of the time — but not this time. Watch the entire video, which also features the likes of Jon Hamm, Allison Janney, Don Cheadle, and Maya Rudolph, here:

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