Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Are Having A Highly Public Flirtathon

In case you have been under a giant rock until this very moment, Zayn Malik's new music video was released today. It features the former One Direction singer — along with his rumored lady friend, one Gigi Hadid. The pair of them do a decent amount of onscreen smooching (along with crying tears in disturbing colors).

But it's not just the video itself that's giving us insight into whatever is between the two rising stars. They're fueling commentary about their relationship by indulging in a full-on Twitter flirt fest.
We'd like to add this to the pile of evidence that Malik and Hadid are absolutely an item. That very familiar "babe" and the liberal use of flame emoji speak volumes.

(Also, the model has a pretty consistent habit of appearing in her boyfriend's music videos. Ergo: Malik might just have joined the boyfriend circle with this one. We're just saying.)

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