The Internet Debates Beyoncé’s Look In Coldplay’s New Video

Photo: Anthony Harvey/ Getty Images.
Appropriation has been a hot topic in the cultural space for the last several years, and many people, from Kylie Jenner to Justin Bieber to fashion designers and hairstylists, have been called out for it. The latest celeb on the list is an unexpected one. You guessed it — it's none other than the Queen B herself, Beyoncé. Ms. Knowles/Mrs. Carter and Coldplay released a brand-new music video — "Hymn for the Weekend" — today, ahead of their upcoming Super Bowl performance. The video, shot in Mumbai, includes dancing in the streets, colorful garb, and fire-breathers, for starters. It also features Beyoncé wearing traditional Indian attire and makeup, which is where the appropriation accusations come into play. It seems like the internet is divided on the topic. Some are making the argument that since the video was shot by an Indian director, incorporates traditional events, and features popular Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, it's more appreciation than appropriation. Others...well, keep reading. These reactions lead us to a bigger question: Where does the line between cultural appreciation and appropriation start to blur? Scroll through for Twitter reactions, and let us know in the comments where you stand on the issue.
Some don't think there's anything wrong with the video.
Some criticized Beyoncé for cultural appropriation.
And others are just plain fed up with the video concept itself.

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