This Woman Has Words For People Who Shamed Her Eyebrow Tattoos

Noch frisch , Farbe lässt noch nach , alte Form wurde mit Hautfarbe weg tätowiert !!! Bin sehr zufrieden !!! Supa laden kann ich nur weiter empfehlen !!! Telefonnr aus dem Laden : 030/ 465 19 23 .....

Posted by Mandy Lamrini on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

We could wax poetic about eyebrows all day, and for good reason: Whether we're throwing jewelry on them, trying out the latest techniques for a desirable shape, or merely swooning over Cara Delevingne's enviable set, we've become a society obsessed with them — and with getting the perfect pair.

Mandy Lamrini, a 35-year-old German waitress, is in the same brow boat as most of us. According to Cosmopolitan, she grew tired of filling in her sparse arches each day and decided to get hers tattooed on, a process that's gaining popularity. In proper "feeling myself" post-makeover fashion, after her procedure, she posted a selfie of her newly done brows to Facebook — but the reaction wasn't what she had expected.

Negative — and some downright cruel — comments in various languages started flooding Lamrini's Facebook page. In fact, her original post has over 23,403 comments so far. Her look also inspired memes like this one:

Also wollte mich bedanken bei denen die mein Bild 1.000 Ma geteilt haben , das man sich die Arbeit macht , sich hinsetzt...

Posted by Mandy Lamrini on Saturday, 23 January 2016

Here's what Lamrini told Cosmopolitan about the situation: "When I posted the picture, I did not figure anything and simply wanted to see what others would say about it. I had never imagined that it would cause such a stir and that national as well as international internet newspapers report about me now. I feel very honored. Because of this whole thing I gained more than 7,000 followers. I handle the situation in a positive way, because through all my haters I have come this far now and that is not an easy thing to do, right!? ;)"

also notes that Lamrini's been offered modeling opportunities as a result of the viral incident — so eyebrow-shamers, be gone. After enduring such harsh bullying and managing to come out victorious — with her head held high — in the end, we don't think there's anyone more deserving of this Queen B meme than Lamrini.
Photo: Courtesy of Giphy.

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