Justin Bieber Previews New Calvin Klein Underwear Ad

For a while, you couldn’t escape Justin Bieber in his underwear. If you weren’t seeing him online, you’d see him and Lara Stone towering over Houston Street in New York and Sunset in Los Angeles. Then, as with all things, they went down and Kylie Jenner came up. Who knows how many drunken nights, how many spur of the moment hookups, how many resolutions to join the gym, were inspired by Bieber and Stone looking down from on high. But Bieber is back, in a big way, in a preview image for the Calvin Klein Spring 2016 campaign. “I flaunt in my Calvins,” was his caption to the image. He’s again next to a naked woman. Only this time she actually is a statue, rather than just statuesque. And there's no sign of any pending bulge/photoshop controversies, as Bieber’s briefs are partially obscured by a tastefully laid out “#m.”
Bieber can’t seem to keep his clothing on lately, posting racy selfies to Instagram at nearly every turn. But as long as he keeps his hair out of braids and stays away from Chelsea Handler, nobody will have much complain about.

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