The Secret To Getting A $2,800 Tax Refund This Year

Doing your taxes is the worst. And yet, there is no escaping this yearly chore. If you’re single and have just one job, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Best case scenario: You get a nice check in the mail. (Worst case: You owe Uncle Sam). And with eight in 10 Americans getting a tax refund, there’s a good chance that the hour you spend on Turbo Tax (or talking with your accountant) will pay off — the average refund check is $2,800 (nothing to sneeze at!).
With some help from Priya Malani at Stash Wealth, we put together a list of seven tax deductions and credits you might not be taking advantage of — but will help you save big this year. Taxes might be complicated, but these money-savers are pretty straightforward. Now how to spend that refund is a whole other story…
(For more advice on how to do your taxes, check out this story.)

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