Singles Are Looking For Winter Storm Jonas Companions On Craigslist

You've either been living in deep, blissful denial (or somewhere other than the East Coast) if you're not aware of the "major," "crippling" blizzard set to hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast this weekend. Yes, winter storm Jonas is coming to town, and singles are taking to Craigslist to make sure they don't have to weather the storm alone.
We can't blame them; in fact, we admire their efforts. [Ed. note: I personally have a Tom-Hiddleston-as-Loki action figure waiting for me at home.]
Rather than texting their exes or begging their moms to keep them company, a staggering number of people have taken to Craigslist in search of a "snow buddy," to borrow a common term from the listings. This type of personal ad tends to crop up whenever there's a major weather event, and these casual run-ins (whether or not they're sparked by Craigslist) can even lead to something much more long-term.
The posts for Jonas definitely range in, er, tone (link NSFW), but most of them are surprisingly tame. Given the overarching creepiness of a lot of Craigslist ads, most of these snowstorm requests are on the sweeter side.
Posters specify a desire for cuddling — not sex — and they offer up food, drinks, and movies instead. One woman even mentions that you're free to bring your laptop over if you need to get some work done over the weekend. Sure, maybe it's more normal to want to get snowed in with someone you already know, but there's no denying that taking the Craigslist route will probably result in better stories to tell later.
Click through to read some of the sweetest Jonas-inspired listings — and yes, we threw in an unconventional one, too.

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