Anna Faris Thinks Hollywood Moms Get Asked Different Questions Than Celeb Dads

Anna Faris made it clear in a recent interview with HuffPost Live that she loves being a mom to her son, Jack. What she doesn't love is how motherhood has become her sole identity during interviews, while fatherhood isn't seen as the most interesting thing about her husband, Chris Pratt.
She pointed out that she and other celebrity mothers are often asked, "How do you juggle it all?" "It's a fair question," she explained, "but not particularly fair that Chris would never get asked that."
Faris did say that Pratt might get the juggling question because of an "increased awareness" of gender stereotypes. Still, she thinks that assuming mothers will be the one responsible for childcare is still "how we've been conditioned."
Treating moms differently in interviews is just one more Hollywood double standard that actresses have been illuminating recently. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence are advocating to close the wage gap between actors and actresses, while others are pointing to male dominated sections of the industry, like late-night TV. Hopefully, the more that actresses speak out, the closer the entertainment industry will get to achieving real gender equality.

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