Britney Spears Now Just Blatantly Stealing Pictures Of Corn

If you looked at Britney Spears’s corn pic from her Instagram yesterday, you might not think much of it. Another celeb and another perfect picture of another perfect meal.

It's honestly too good to be true mmmm

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

But Twitter user Daniel Christopher did not take her at her worth-a-thousand-words.
And he’s right. Unless Ms. Spears has remarkable abilities for mimicking exact studio lighting conditions and cares enough to deploy those abilities for a tossed-off Instagram, the image appears to be taken from this recipe originally prepared by the Food Network’s Tyler Florence. Either that or she just Googled “Mexican corn” and downloaded literally the first image result. Picture this: Britney, fresh from a workout for her hit Las Vegas show, is thinking about corn (as one does). She sits down. “Corn,” she says, without even realizing it. Before she knows it, the corn madness has overtaken her. The store is too far. She needs to look at corn, to be soothed by corn. So to Google she goes. Trembling from corn fever, she downloads an image. “They need to see this,” she says. “They need to see the corn pics... it's... it’s honestly too good to be true!” Boom, grammed and sent without another thought in the world. But Britney would never do something like that. Since then, she's continued Instagramming apace, never mentioning this close-to-career-killing corn capture crisis. We do hope, however, that she'll become more judicious in searching for her pics. (Just go to the second page, Britney, nobody ever thinks to look there.)

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