Is This Portable Safe The Answer To Constantly Losing Your Rings?

Photo: Courtesy of Lion Latch.
Today in Kickstarter products that we didn't expect to have, meet the Lion Latch: A jewelry tote (a small plastic container on a keychain) designed to store your smallest of accessories when you're on the go. Fully funded on Kickstarter back in November of 2015 — we're talking 225 backers who pledged $14,592 to make this item come to life — the Lion Latch really just has us wondering: Is this invention the thing that'll prevent us from constantly losing our jewelry in the future, or is it just another keychain bauble we'll forget to use? At first, the idea of a portable container made to hold rings seemed like a good one, especially for people who like to take their jewelry off in public. After all, the nail salon and the gym are the two places where we've inadvertently parted with the most of our rings. Says the brand's founder, Lerin Lockwood, "pockets could have holes in them, or change and other loose items could scratch and damage my ring." Fair. But if you're worried about scratching your rings, wouldn't you want to house them in something a little more protective than what's basically a plastic lip-balm tub with a keyring? If it was up to us, it'd make a lot of sense for this to come with a non-scratch plush interior, a durable metal body, and a combination lock to prevent theft. But even without those things, there are some plusses to the Lion Latch: It comes in a variety of colors, promises that it won't come unscrewed, unzipped, break, or fall off (if used properly, of course), and it can hold multiple rings, small necklaces, or earrings. Plus, it costs less than $10. So, weigh in: Is this a good idea (looking at you, 225 pledgers!), or just the newest addition to your junk drawer?

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