“I Have Muslim Friends” Is A Bad Way To Get Supporters

Photo: Chuck Burton/AP Photo.
Donald Trump is a man who loves the classics. In response to a question on his statements about banning Muslims from entering the U.S., Trump literally said that many of his "Muslim friends" supported him. Trump’s statements about banning Muslims from entering America followed terrorist attacks on Paris. When debate moderators asked if France's terrorism response had made him reconsider his position, his answer was simple. "No. We have to stop with political correctness,” he said. Trump continued with the time-honored defense of the angry and "politically correct": citing the approval of unnamed friends in the criticizing group. “I have many great Muslim friends, and some of them — I will say not all — have called me and said, ‘Donald, thank you very much. You’re exposing an unbelievable problem, and we have to get to the bottom of it.'” Trump went on to criticize Obama for his refusal to use "the term," in reference to the White House's reluctance to refer to terrorists as representatives of Islam.
“My Muslim friends — some — said, ‘Thank you very much. We’ll get to the bottom of it.'…We can’t be the stupid country anymore.”

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