Why Are People So Upset With Emma Watson’s Alan Rickman Tribute?

Alan Rickman passed away from cancer earlier today, and his Harry Potter family has been releasing statements remembering him as an actor, friend, mentor, and inspiration. Emma Watson tweeted a picture of Rickman with a quote from the late actor: "There is nothing wrong with a man being a feminist, I think it is to our mutual advantage."
A noble sentiment from a noble public figure. Yet, some outspoken Twitter users are criticizing the actress for supposedly turning a memorial of Rickman into a self-serving crusade to bring attention to Watson's status as a feminist leader. The tweets quickly got nasty.
But, what the users failed to notice is that Watson has tweeted numerous additional messages of commemoration in honor of the late actor.
None of her other missives about the actor make mention of feminism. Although, even if they did, the problem would not lie with Watson, but with the people misinterpreting her message. In fact, actress Emma Thompson, who played Rickman's wife in Love Actually, remembered Rickman in the same progressive light.

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