These Skater Girls In Kabul Are Inspiring — & ADORABLE

Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Fulford-Dobson.
You might remember seeing these awesome photos of inspiring young skate girls breaking barriers — and having a blast — in Kabul.

The series by photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson got major kudos and press, including right here at Refinery29, throughout much of 2015. Her book, Skate Girls of Kabul, was even named one of the 10 best photography books of the year by the Smithsonian. Refinery29 recently got the chance to catch up with Fulford-Dobson to learn the story behind the powerful images.

It's no surprise that the photos captured so much attention — it's hard not to feel inspired by the pint-sized subjects whizzing through the frame and proudly posing with their beloved boards. And the lessons learned by the girls and boys participating in Skateistan, a first-of-a-kind program educating and empowering children in Afghanistan and beyond, are universal.

"Skateboarding in itself is an education," Fulford-Dobson said. "You fall off — we all fall off things in life — and you bounce back up. We all have to learn that."

Still, Fulford-Dobson, who is hoping to put the photos on exhibition in the United States soon, was blown away by the interest in what started as a very personal passion project.

"It was wonderful to come back from a part of the world that incredibly inspires and now to see the amount of attention and awards," she told Refinery29.

Ahead, inspiring photos and stories from Fulford-Dobson's time with Skateistan.

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